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"If our style is masterful.....we can live on top of content, float above the predictable responses, social programming and hereditary circuitry, letting the bits of colour and electricity and light filter up to us...."

Tom Robbins, Another Roadside Attraction

Akasha Yoga began from the simple desire to share the love and benefits of yoga; making it accessible for everyone.

Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning ether, sky or space.

Ether is the most subtle of all elements, the source of all matter and the space which all other elements fill. The inseparable partner of ether is sound, for it is from primordial sound vibrations (shabda) which ether originates.

It is said the mind is composed of ether, for it too is formless and near impossible to contain. The thoughts and emotions riding the elemental layer like waves.

It is believed that within the ether is a hidden library of your souls path and destiny; the secrets of which can be revealed through diving into the subconscious mind through deep meditation.

Akasha is the essence and energy of all living things, often used to indicate "the sky's the limit" or, in other words, limitless possibilities....

Rebecca from Akasha Yoga teaches Hatha Vinyasa based yoga in Sydney, offering private tuition for individuals or groups, as well as corporate yoga classes. Regular open classes are on at several locations in the Inner West. Please click on "Classes and Tuition" to find out more.

...limitless possibilities...

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